Bratislava Escort Review

Review - by John J.

Where: Vienna, Austria

How long: 48 hours

I'm not one for writing reviews unless I feel they are justified. Amber certainly deserves all the positive feedback that's been previously written. The pictures on her website are definitely her. She's petite with toned slender body, just the way I like them!
I'm too much of gentleman to go into details of our meeting but what I will say is you won't be disappointed. She truly is a great companion & I look forward to seeing her again soon.

Review - by Rick

Where: Vienna

Who: Rick

Let me start by saying that if you can't be a gentleman at all times and treat Amber like a lady, with dignity and respect, then I strongly suggest that you move on now. Because Amber is most assuredly a lady of class par excellence. Amber has the grace of face and fit of form that is noticed in any gathering. But it is her charm, intellect, sense of humor and her ability to carry on a serious , intelligent, or humorous conversation at almost any level that sets her apart from most.

When I first met Amber her smile was bright and natural and her greeting was warm and friendly. Amber has a smile that will light the darkest room and the warmth from her sparkling green eyes could bring comfort to the coldest night. Once you hear her infectious laugh you will never forget it, but you will wish to relive it over, and over again. The first time that I saw Amber the depth of her manners, etiquette, and class, showed through because, like any lady of quality she immediately raised her hand to cover her pretty mouth when she laughed. Having been raised in Kentucky with the standards of southern gentility this was something that I noticed and appreciated at once. Amber is truly a lady of class and distinction.

Amber is warm, hospitable and an extremely engaging conversationalist with an advanced education which allows her to entertain and be entertained on many many levels and in an array formats. Amber is without a doubt a lady for all seasons.

My business trip to Austria caused me many side trips and changes of plans, through all of this Amber maintained a very positive and friendly conversation with me until we were finally able to get together on my last day in Vienna.

Business brought me to Austria for the first time, Amber will be the reason I return and it will be for longer than 3 hours, much longer.

Thank you Amber for being such a wonderful, sweet, warm, loving, caring, person and especially the lady you are. Please be safe and happy until I see you again.

Review - by Patrick

Where: Bratislava

Who: Patrick

How long: Overnight / 12 hrs

A genuinely hot blonde. Very friendly, warm personality, easy to talk, she makes You comfortable from the beginning. She is, without doubt, enjoying this work. With her I felt immediately at ease and the whole experience was really good because of that. She has really very velvet skin and nice, soft, kissable lips. My experience was great GFE. I would like to see her again and I will do so, without doubt. Excellent services delivered with enthusiasm.

Review - by Couple

Where: Bratislava

Who: Couple

How long: Weekend / 48 hrs

After an amazing date with Amber, we would like to share our experience with her. we go... We looking for a passionate threesome and really liked the profile and pictures of Amber and also her independent website. Luckilly, she was free and available. It was a night of passion, fun and sensuality. At the beginnng, we went for a drink, than dinner, talking and knowing each other better. The connection and atmosphere had been absolutelly great! She is stunning and proffesional. We both can reccomend her also for a meetings with couples because we really both enjoyed a night with her and hope we meet us soon again.

Review - by Peter, USA

Where: Vienna

Who: Peter

How long: Weekend / 48 hrs

If you enjoy a true girlfriend experience this super hot lady is the right girl for you. Amber is real and perfect guide into the world of pleasure . Others can only dream about such experience with the BEST escort service . Highly recommended!

Review - by Chris

Where: Europe

Who: Chris

How long: 5 days

Contacted Amber to by my guide and companion during my European holiday to make it special. I was not disappointed. From her adorable face to her infectious laugh she made the trip both fun and memorable. Her English is good so no issues with language. She showed me a few of her favourite restaurants as well as help to navigate the cities while acting as my translator. In the bedroom she was also equally fun and memorable. She is someone that I will be contacting again for my next holidays. She is a true gem.

Review - by Peter

Where: Croatia

Who: Peter

How long: 5 days

Amber is a beautiful and breathtaking lady, with warm feelings, sensibility, passion and tenderness. She has a fantastic personality, and very friendly. She makes you feel comfortable with her and so much fun and laughter. Can not forget the pleasure and how amazing she is. Amber is a little pocket rocket, cute voice, stunning little figure with soft skin and great service! Not only is she a good looking but its rare to have a genuine, bubbly, honest escort that also has a brain. Having sex with her is like making love with the most passionate lover, total intimacy, real delight. Cannot but praise her as the best escort ever. She is not pushy, she includes everything listed with no hassling, so her service is full on. A real GFE. She is like not a every woman, she has a something very special. Not only devilishly charming, but also has the face and the manners of an angel. Anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy her company would certainly have unforgettable moments. But you have been warned, you will keep asking for more!

Review - by James

Where: Prague

Who: James

How long: 24 hours

Amber provides spectacular service. She is a very active participant and provides all the service you want to make you happy. Great GFE. Outside of bed she is a lovely person. She communicates well before and after the meeting and is punctual and professional. I had a fabulous time with her. Amber is very friendly, funny, petite, sweet, polite, down-to earth. I thoroughly recommend her and will meet her again for sure. :) Thanks for a great time.

Review - by Phillipe

Where: Prague

Who: Phillipe

How long: weekend

As first, she is difinitely a girl in the pictures! She step in my room with lovely smile on her face, thats make me feel like I know her! She looks amazing, long blond an angel. Her performance in bed is really very good. Non rush! I am glad that I meet her. Overall a great experience, she was very nice and comfortable to be with. Highly recommended. Well travelled, well educated young woman.

Review - by Paul

Where: Vienna

Who: Paul

How long: weekend

One of the best escort I met till now. Beautiful, sensual and pleasant personality. She knows how to make her client's comfortable. An amazing young woman, great personality with the most amazing smile and eyes that are so hypnotic and very captivating. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen which can bring any man to his knees. Great woman with everything perfect, you cannot ask for a more perfect woman!

Review - by Dylan

Where: Bratislava

Who: Dylan

How long: weekend

After searching for several years for the ultimate GFE, I found it in Bratislava for weekend. Not only is she stunningly beautiful and articulate in her thoughts and expressions, her sexual prowess is unmeasurable. You will enjoy a wonderful evening at dinner with her and then afterwards be amazed at her ability to pleasure you in ways that you cannot imagine. The photos are real and reflective of her physical attributes. She has a tight body like a gymnast and her skin is soft as silk. The best is when she is in control of the action and you look up into her eyes while laying on your back thinking, "where have you been my entire life". She is uncomplicated and honest. What else could a man ask for in life.

Review - by Arne

Where: Prague and Malaga

Who: Arne

How long:2x24 hours + 3 days

Have meet Amber on 3 occasions, two meetings for 24 hours in Prague, and one 3 day meeting in Malaga. I can just confirm that this girl is a reliable, natural good looking og sympathetic woman . If you treat her like your girlfriend and with respect and patience over some time you will discover that she is a well educated woman, and a bit different from most escort girls I have met.I must say I felt well also in my mind after our meetings. Lets face it guys: Sex is just a very important part of a bigger thing women can give us, like some respect and interest for us, if we deserve it or not:-) After very good sex she also gave me this. What more do we need?

Review - by Bob

Where: Bratislava, Slovakia

Who: Bob

How long: 3 days

For a 3 day visit, I usually am very reticent to meet someone whom I've not seen before. All I can say is that I am very glad that I did! Amber is as intelligent as she is beautiful. He is a 160cm dynamite pack of sweetness, laughter, fun and sensualness. She is engaging and laughs easily and is at ease in any situation. Travels easy as if she has been with you forever. Btw... Do not think she is a little girl! She is all woman, and knows how and when to pay attention to you! Amber is a very sensual person and treats you like her boyfriend. Her English is excellent too. Read her site is all true. Will I see her again? Absolutely!!!

Review - on

NOTE: thanks to my dear customer, nick - JBE 765 for a nice review on a well known escorting review website -

Plus - thanks for letting me know about this as well! I had a great time with you as well. Kisses - see you next time!

She is a very petite girl. Short, skinny, small boobs. Not really my type, I do not usually go for this kind of girl.

So I do not really know why I booked, guess I wanted to try something different.

I was very surprised how cute she was. She looked very, very sweet and more on

Review by Hans

Where: Berlin, Germany

Who: Hans

How long: 24 hours

I have met Amber for several times by now but this is my first review, as she has added a new part to her website and did ask me for a review of our most recent date.

Amber is a petite lady, that is to say she is short but with a pretty body. She is very naturally looking, elegant and I have to say, rather pretty.

Amber is I would say a pleaser - she tries to read your body language and looks for clues on how to give you what you want. Amber is a gifted and experienced lover. She is very reactive as well and is not shamed to take her own pleasure. She guides you with sights and lustful noises to her G-spot!

I have already scheduled my next meeting with her. In my opinion and based on my experience she is a very good escort and well-worth to meet.

Review by Derek

Where: Bratislava

Who: Derek

How long: 3 hours

As part of my Euro holiday trip, I visited Vienna and Bratislava. I found Amber's website and contacted her via email asking for her availability and phone number. She responded quickly, which was a bonus.

We agreed on a date and time and place (my hotel). Amber was a bit late due to traffic issues but kept me informed about her estimated arrival time and when she arrived I was bowled over by how pretty she looked.

The rest I will keep as a gentleman, but suffice to say that Amber is a very open-minded lover and surprisingly good conversationalist. The pictures displayed are accurate and up to date. .



As a high-class courtesan for VIPs I can visit you in Bratislava and internationally. I am based in Bratislava and it is very easy for me to visit you in cities close by, such as Vienna, Prague, Budapest. But I love to travel and I am also available for dates throughout Europe and worldwide.

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