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Christmas escort fun in Bratislava

Will you be in Bratislava or Vienna over the Christmas period? Whether you are here for business or pleasure, there is so much to do in this charming town on the Danube. And if I may say, I would be the ideal Bratislava escort companion who can join you for any adventure. Read on to find out about the great date ideas we can have together.

Christmas markets are always worth visiting while you are in Bratislava, as the Slovak capital has some of the best in Central Europe. At Bratislava Christmas markets, you can buy unique and traditional items that you can't really purchase anywhere else in Europe. If you are looking for something special, then you can choose from such gifts made from wood, glass, leather, beeswax and wicker. If you invite me along, I can gladly be your guide, and we can enjoy some local delicacies such as cabbage soup, meat roast and medovina (honey wine).

If you prefer your shopping to be a bit more modern, comfortable and indoor than the outdoor markets, then you should know that Bratislava has some of the finest shopping malls anywhere in Europe. Malls such as Aupark, Eurovea and Avion have everything from luxurious department stores to chic boutiques, technology stores where you can buy the latest gadgets, and lots more besides. I would be very happy to be your companion for a visit to these places, we can relax, enjoy a coffee or a drink, and take in the attractions.

Should you want to experience a bit more of Slovakia, and enjoy some snow sports, then the High Tatras are a mountain range about 4 hours drive down the highway from Bratislava. This is the second highest chains of mountains in Europe, and is home to many ski resorts such as Stare Smokovec, Strbske Pleso and lots of other places that are very hard to pronounce :-) I would gladly teach you how to say these tongue twisters, and we can even twist tongues together.

Of course, you might not feel like too many activities while you are in Bratislava, and prefer to spend time alone with a beautiful and charming escort companion. If this is the case, then just give me a call or send me an email. As the proud provider of the very best girlfriend experience in Bratislava, then I can be a companion for all kinds of adventures.

My view on the escorting scene

If you have ever met an escort already, you surely know that there are 3 categories of girls:

1.) girls who - see this as just a job for money

2.) girls who - like the money and travel

3.) escorts - who enjoy the job (and all the goodies that come with it!)

About the first category - just a job for money:

Those girl are a very frequent entity in this business. Unfortunately, those ladies spoil the business for many ladies that wish to provide quality services. They are escorting only for the cash. They would do anything (sex-wise), but with no enthusiasm, no effort and no desire to please their partner. They are basically gold diggers that are still looking for the gold mine ;)

Those ladies prefer short bookings, in-and-out and thank you sir. The money gets spent in the very first shop on a fancy hand bags or shoes. Their shopaholic personalities push them to spend all they have just earned, and then they wait for their next booking.

Eventually fed-up customers publish a review of their negative experience they just had with the lady. So the girl starts to work for another agency under a new name and new pictures...

Second category - money and travel:

These girls are a bit better as they enjoy money and travelling so they have got at least something else to look forward to. That makes them slightly better companions outside bed.

Those ladies prefer longer bookings so they can travel and see some new cities and interesting places.

But still, these girls tend to suffer through the meeting, any sex is a torture for them...but clients are usually gentlemen so they show the girl around the city, take her to good restaurants, take them to shops and treat them like princesses. The girl is returning back from the meeting with a pile of cash, new perfume, new underwear, new in the end, all the "suffering" was good for something!

But again, the services provided are not of any outstanding quality, since they do not really get into the date, so again, they are scaring good customers off.

And finally, the third category of girls who actually like to work as courtesans:

I like to count myself into this category, so I will be writing this paragraph in the first person.

Why do I enjoy this job? I like sex, travelling AND meeting new people...

I am a sexual person. I truly enjoy pleasing my partner and I like to discover what the other person next to me likes, what get the other person excited...

Second of all, I love travelling - every city has got history, stories to tell, there are places that need to be discovered, parks to be visited, statues to be photographed...thanks to this unique job I get to travel the world - what's not to like?

Spending time with another person is another favourite of mine. I do not necessarily mean sex, I mean talking, sharing, drinking wine, laughing...

And of course there is the financial reward as well.

Courtesans such as me like to try to provide the best services to each and every one of you, our dear customers. Thankfully, there are still many quality ladies that restore a good name to escorting.

Petite is the new sexy

I am a petite girl. Petite is the new sexy! Why?

1.) good things come in short supply

2.) I am 29 but I still look like a teenager

3.) I am flexible and know how to present my sex-appeal

So shortly about being a loveable shorty;)

Yes, I am a petite escort in Bratislava . I stand only 159 cm and so what?! I know how to wear my slender and natural body like a dress from a world renowned fashion designer!

Confidence comes with age. I am 29 years now and I finally discovered all the flavours I can offer, all the goodies I bring to the table.

So I know I am an experienced lover, good companion, lovely courtesan and I love pampering my gentleman.

So even if petite ladies are not your "thing", surprise yourself and try something new!

What to do in Bratislava

Bratislava is a perfect city to visit, there are many great things you can do, visit and enjoy

1.) meet VIP escort agencies and their well chosen escorts

2.) enjoy a date with a great independent girl

3.) visit strip or night club

4.) stay in some escort friendly hotel

5.) take a boat on Danube to Devin

6.) visit sad Janka Krala - ( park in Bratislava's Petržalka)

I am sure that the adult things on that list are well known to you, so I am not going to write about what to do with escort or how to enjoy your night out in strip club.

I want to introduce you SAD JANKA KRALA:

The park was established in 1774-76 with the intention of creating a park for the public. Under the influence of Baroque classicism, the walks were set up in the shape of an eight-leg star and trees were planted along them. Each allele was named after its corresponding species of tree (alder, maple, willow, and so on). The Gothic tower is the prominent architectural structure in Sad Janka Kráľa. It is the primary garden arbour and was previously a Franciscan church tower.

The second attraction I want to recommend you is a boat trip to Devin:

Bratislava and it's surrounding areas have got a lot to offer. You can take a nice trip by boat all the way to the ruins of castle Devin.



As a high-class courtesan for VIPs I can visit you in Bratislava and internationally. I am based in Bratislava and it is very easy for me to visit you in cities close by, such as Vienna, Prague, Budapest. But I love to travel and I am also available for dates throughout Europe and worldwide.

Ideas for a great Escort Date with me

I am a lady of many interests, and will happily accompany you to most kinds of adventures which are best enjoyed with some charming company, whether it be art galleries, theatres, fine dining, or just some private time & the pleasure of my company.